Minimum Criteria to become a Governor

Tethereum founders have established the fact that even 1 T99 token holder is a Governor and is eligible to participate in Voting and governance.

  • So, as per rules set above, 1 T99 in your wallet translates to (20/999,999,999.9) % Governance control
  • For the starting days, when the community is small, small values translate to a Single Vote when it comes to decision making.


To become a governor, the person must join the Discord community to begin with. Authoritative decisions are being made on Discord server currently with different levels of permissions, rules and levels. These initial user roles certainly play a big part in voting on Discord before any of the team founders or owners or developers can have any number of tokens in their wallets. Currently, the user levels and their specific holders are being specified.

  • The Creators – This level is assigned to two entities who are primarily the creators of this idea.
  • MegaBoss โ€“ The founders and creators (Original conceivers of the idea)
  • Boss lvl 10 โ€“ With more than or equal to 100,000,000 T99 in their wallets (Proposal generation capabilities)
  • Boss lvl 1 โ€“ With more than 1,000,000 T99 in their wallets(Proposal generation capabilities)

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