Protection Mechanism

For protecting against several fraud and attack scenarios we use different solutions:

  • Trader’s security deposit – refunded after successful trade or used as payment for the arbitrator in case of a dispute.
  • Arbitrator – anonymous and randomly assigned. Resolves disputes between traders.
  • Arbitrator’s security deposit – locked when the arbitrator is registered and released upon stepping down.
  • Contract – blinded non-refutable proof of trade details
  • Fraud report – reports by arbitrators with proof of clear cases of fraud
  • Trade volume limitation – limits to maximum trade volume in order to reduce potential gain from fraud


  • We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.
  • Our contracts are verified on BscScan.

Security best practices:

  • The chefs use multisig for all contracts.
  • Our contracts’ time-locks give you peace of mind.

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